• Asphalt Court Image
Asphalt is perhaps the most popular and well known type of tennis or SportCourt surface. Asphalt can be easily painted with a UV protected latex paint and can be easily cleaned with a blower and broom (pressure washing the surface is suggested every 2-3 years).
Asphalt tennis courts and SportCourts look great, are incredibly flexible in terms of their various uses such as adding a basketball hoop or hockey goals, and can be used for most of the year with weather having very little impact on playability.

While able to withstand a great deal of sub-surface movement, eventually the stress on the asphalt inflicted by the twisting and bending of seasonal activity in New England can form cracks in the surface. Cracks can be effectively coped with in many numbers of ways. It should be understood, however, that once cracks appear the effort should be on “containing” them vs. “controlling” them – once cracks make an appearance they will need to dealt with on an annual basis. Addressing cracks early on will only help the containment of them for longer periods of time. Beyond that, structural cracks (defined as both “wide and deep”) can be repaired with the ARMOR Crack Repair System. We offer a full THREE-year warranty with this system and have had great success with it in the past.

Asphalt recreational surfaces should receive a two or three coat resurfacing every 7 to 10 years. Depending on the speed of play you are striving to achieve, we can mix the material – which we do exclusively on-site – to the appropriate ratios. We utilize California Products Plexipave line of paint which we feel is the best material for a recreational surface today. These products are used exclusively at both the US Open as well as the Australian Open. We use only textured white line paint and roll the paint on vs. brushing it which gives the lines a greater length of life and a more consistent look.

We use only top-rated materials by HARTRU, ARMOR, California Products & Edwards!